Glory WS-30

The WS-30 is a compact tabletop coin wrapper and counting machine that accelerates coin processing, increasing accuracy and efficiency. With advanced functionality and a consistent set of operations for all coin wrapping procedures, the WS-30 removes the cost of outsourced coin processing and wrapping.


Glory WS-30

User-friendly interface

All coin wrapping, counting and denomination settings can be pre-selected from the user-friendly operation panel. The LED display ensures user information is presented in a clear, easy-to-read format.

Large capacity hopper

The coin hopper holds up to 1,000 coins, which in turn means that larger batches of coin can be fed into the machine, helping drive efficiency and productivity improvements.

Easy maintenance

WS-30 is designed to allow quick and easy access for routine user maintenance. The coin transportation mechanism makes it easy to recover coin jams, in the unlikely event one does occur.

High speed processing

The WS-30 can wrap coin at up to a maximum of 12 rolls per minute – the fastest processing speed for this class of device, and therefore ensuring higher throughput rates.

Compact design

The WS-30 can be deployed into virtually any location that has a requirement to wrap coin. Its compact design allows it to be used even in the smallest premises. Businesses are freed from having to outsource coin processing and wrapping.

Rejection capabilities

Foreign objects, such as paperclips and buttons, are automatically off-sorted and sent to a dedicated reject box. This enables the WS-30 to maintain a fast, continuous and accurate wrapping and counting process.