Technology Unlimited, Inc. has partnered with AQ2 Technologies to offer full featured payment & check processing solutions.

Any company that accepts checks as a form of payment can benefit from AQ2 Remittance. AQ2 Remittance is scalable for businesses that process as few as 25 payments per day, up to hundreds or even thousands of payments daily.  Using our payment processing technology, you can significantly reduce operations and labor costs.  AQ2 Remittance allows users to: post to payments to the  Accounts Receivable system and electronically deposit check images quickly, without couriers or daily trips to the nearest branch.  Furthermore, the high costs of manually listing check amounts on deposit slips, manual research processes, and hard copy distribution all become things of the past.


Features of our solution include: 

A full featured payment processing system with an electronic deposit solution for all businesses types

Scan checks wherever check payments are processed. Including offsite via remote offices

Eliminate photocopies; access payment images at any time. Allows for instant printing, email or electronic sharing with co-workers or customers

Capture account information for posting into your accounts receivable system

Automatically reject payments based on business rules like: foreclosure,     bankruptcy, duplicate, etc…

Endorse checks through the scanner Eliminate paper check transportation expenses

Reduce data entry operator keystrokes using check amount recognition

Transmit checks electronically for Check 21 and ACH clearing and posting

Supports multiple banks/accounts; generate file type (x9.37 &x9.100-187) for each account

> Access deposited funds faster

Run comprehensive queries to quickly resolve customers needs

Run comprehensive transaction-based reports quickly