G+D BPS C2-3

Outstanding performance – advanced flexibility

With three output compartments and one reject compartment, the BPS® C2-3 offers numerous individual sorting options by denomination, by orientation and by fitness. It also processes TITO tickets for casino applications. Consistent high speed of 1,050 banknotes per minute ensures superior productivity and best-in-class sensors guarantee maximum reliability during authentication, fitness detection, and even reading serial numbers. Thanks to its small footprint (33 x 43 cm), the BPS® C2-3 can also be used where space is very limited.


G+D BPS C2-3

Greater productivity Breathtakingly fast: consistently high throughput of up to 1,050 BN/min enables significantly enhanced productivity in banknote processing. The high speed of the BPS C2-3 remains unrestricted whether authenticating, or sorting by value, orientation, or fitness. What’s more, the user-oriented operator guidance keeps the number of work steps to a minimum. Greater security Reliable and precise: the very best sensors are used in the BPS C2-3. Their absolute reliability in identifying counterfeits and sorting for fitness means these machines set new standards for compact tabletop systems. They can also read serial numbers if necessary. Greater ease of use Simplified to what’s most important: both the ergonomic system design and the clear user interface ensure easy and intuitive operation. The system can also be very easily adapted to specific requirements. Greater future viability Open for future developments: numerous possible interfaces allow the BPS C2-3 to integrate perfectly into the respective system landscape. The potential for connected cash processing can be unlocked to the maximum extent using cutting-edge tools, applications, and web services. The result: even more efficient and cost-effective processes. The BPS C2-3 works at a consistently high speed of 1,050 BN/min when counting, sorting, authenticating, and even reading serial numbers