Hyosung 500EL

Hyosung’s latest TCR (Teller Cash Recycler) in the Series 8E series is designed as the entry-level TCR model for the financial institution seeking the most reliable and proven cash recycling technology while maximizing return on investment. The Series 8E streamlines teller productivity with TCR functionality previously unavailable in its class, leveraging the latest in TCR technology including stacked cassettes, high speed, capacity, and Windows 10 security.


Hyosung 500EL

The 500EL embodies Hyosung’s latest and most transformational TCR series designed for teller cash optimization and customer delight.

The 500EL is the entry-level cash recycler that provides cash automation efficiency to Financial institutions that were previously seen as unfit for more expensive, higher-end cash recycling products.

  • Designed for lower volume locations such as the teller line or personal banking locations where great customer service and experience are key.
  • Priced economically driving core value proposition and subsequent improved ROI puts the Series 8E within reach of every financial institution.
  • Delivers industry leading technology based on the proven and reliable MS500 technology, such as Win10 Core, 100% stacking cassette technology, speed of 8 notes per second and 8,500 note total capacity.
  • Leverage 500EL technology alone when cash volumes are low or pair with Hyosung’s higher capacity MS500 when multiple cash recycling points of different capacities are needed.