Magner 709

Increase service to your customer, member, or account holders while simultaneously freeing up tellers to more face-to-face interaction and increasing cross-selling opportunities in the branch. With self service coin systems, tellers no longer need to turn their backs on customers to count their coin. They are now freed up for more customer-facing activities.


Magner 709

Unlike the green machines you might see in your local grocery store, the striking stainless steel design of Magner’s 709 Self Service Coin system is unmatched in the industry and makes it an attractive addition in your lobby. Coin sorting is typically a loud process, but the low decibel-level at which the 709 operates ensures it won’t be a nuisance to either customer or employees whose desks may be just a few feet away.

The ability to calculate and charge a fee to customers, or just non-customers, who use the machine presents a revenue generating option or the ability to generate some positive buzz in the community with a quarterly charitable contribution of the fees collected.

Technology Unlimited is Magner’s authorized sales and service representative for their entire line of self service coin systems. Contact us today to explore which configuration might best fit your organization.

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