Nautilus Hyosung 7800D

Hyosung is revolutionizing the self-service industry. The 7800D gives your consumers a choice on how to interact: self-service or with the help of on-demand video assistance. The 7800D offers a robust set of transactions with core integration, not just your typical, limited ATM choices.The 7800 series’ modular design and high capacity allows for industry leading availability and serviceability. Along with superb end user customer satisfaction scores, there is a reason why Hyosung is the fastest growing ATM company in the US.


A 19” multi-touch screen enables intuitive and meaningful customer experiences.
Multiple customer authentication options including contactless and biometrics.

Innovative modular design and the use of Hyosung manufactured core
technologies allows for fast service, easy replenishment and minimum downtime.
The 7800D is designed to provide reliability that is unequaled in the market, with
minimum maintenance and maximum uptime.

High capacity, cash dispense capability and the ability to support large volume transactions. High capacity allows for denomination selection.

The 7800D offers a robust set of transactions when deployed in conjunction with Hyosung’s innovative integrated software approach and powerful video assistance solutions. The 7800D includes bill payments and funds transfers in a highly user-friendly interface for maximum convenience.

Hyosung ATMs defend against physical and logical attacks with a combination of multi-level anti-skimming, locked down operating system, white-listing,and encryption.

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