Glory Benchmark Series 7 Cash Dispenser

The TCD Benchmark  Series® Teller Cash Dispensers provide fast and accurate banknote dispensing. System control of withdrawals makes the transaction automatic and secure. With the addition of a convenient manual drop deposit facility, the cash dispenser delivers faster customer service and greater teller productivity.

Fast, accurate, efficient processing:

+ The TCD dispenses up to 15 banknotes per second and can be shared by two or more tellers for maximum operational flexibility. It can also supply real-time balances by denomination, customer or teller, to facilitate the optimisation of cash handling and processing.

Secure cash handling:

+ The TCD provides secure cash handling in open plan environments as the banknotes are stored within a steel cabinet.

Flexible design:

+ The TCD will suit most branch sizes and environments as it is available in both seated and standing versions and with 4, 5 or 6 banknote cassettes.

Improved productivity :

+ Reduced transaction times mean that the teller can focus on customer service and cross-selling high margin products instead of processing transactions manually.

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