Partners / Silver Bullet Technology

Silver Bullet Technology software and solutions have come to serve as the de facto standard for financial institutions. Founded in 1997, Silver Bullet Technology began providing contract application development services to companies in the item processing industry.  Over the next two years, Silver Bullet made its mark by assisting in the design of NCR’s WiseIP interface, writing WiseIP software for NCR to drive 779X transports, and providing WiseIP training to NCR support group and resellers.   Just one year later, Ranger was released for Panini S1 Vision series, SEAC RDS 6000 and 3000, and BancTec E-Series sorters. Silver Bullet furthered industry knowledge in 2002 by releasing a report comparing CAR/LAR engines, and continued to release products throughout the year.  Ranger was enhanced to support Panini MyVision X, 20 and 50 transports, and an advanced version of Bullet OCR was developed using a patented Silver Bullet technology.  Most notably, Silver Bullet developed and released several brand new products.  Sidewinder was introduced for A2iA, Parascript, IBM CAR/LAR, Orbograph, Mitek and Unisys SoftCAR+ engines.  Silver Bullet partnered with Panini NA and CheckTech to create the reject repair product MICR Mend and MICR Patch.  Silver Bullet also partnered with Unisys and Firstar/US Bank to develop Chameleon, a product that allows Unisys applications to run unchanged on non-Unisys transports. Silver Bullet continues to provide critical tools, applications, and services to support check truncation in the United States.  For the years ahead, Silver Bullet is working to ensure that all transports are sold with the Ranger interface.

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