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AQ2 Technologies is a leading provider of advanced industry-specific transaction automation solutions.  Our solutions transform paper-based payment processes into streamlined digital workflows by seamlessly integrating imaging, data recognition and data management technologies.  AQ2’s technology solutions boost financial performance and ensure information security and risk management.  We offer technology and services that mitigate risk, reduce costs, drive efficiencies and increase revenues.

Over 400 organizations across North America, and vertical markets, count on the exceptional flexibility, power, and affordability of AQ2 solutions to address their current needs and future business challenges.

Technology innovation, quality products and the very best in customer care, these values constitute the premise on which AQ2 was founded and they continue to guide us today.  AQ2’s prestigious customer roster and growing solution portfolio are a true testament to the company’s continued success.   The values that govern us include long lasting relationships with our customers and resellers, integrity and professional excellence.  We are constantly enhancing our product while maintaining upward compatibility to always have the most current and relevant solutions.

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