Glory RBG-100 Recycler


Glory’s new banknote recycling machine, the RBG 100, provides an efficient high performance cash management solution designed to be installed in teller lines to process customer transactions, ATM pulls, large deposits and teller vault buys and sells.

With higher operational efficiencies and ease of use the RBG-100 is designed to meet the varying cash management needs of Financial Institutions. Below is a list of the key features for the RBG-100.

Large banknote capacity – The RBG-100 provides up to a 17,100 note capacity that includes approximately a 12,600 recyclable banknote capacity and a secure collection drawer of up to 4,500 notes.

Continuous processing with large hopper – A 300 note feed hopper provides fast processing of large banknote deposits without interruptions and more opportunities for customer engagement.

Tamper proof cassette – Tamper proof cassettes are secure and can be easily configured by denomination. The collection drawer stores non-recyclable notes for more efficient operation.

Enhanced security – The approved UL-291 24 hour safe allows for overnight storage of cash inventory. There is no need to remove cash to an external vault.

Advanced error recovery – By incorporating innovative serial number recognition technology into our error recovery process, the RBG-100 ensures a balanced cash inventory by automatically performing a partial cassette verification as required.

Configurable cassettes -Provide efficient recycling of all six denominations or any combination of denominations.

Collection/overflow drawer – Excess and unfit banknotes can be securely stored.

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