Cassida Apollo


Single Pocket Currency Discriminator

The Cassida Pro Series Apollo 1-Pocket Currency Discriminator packs all of the power of the successful Zeus discriminator in a new, more affordable single-pocket platform! The Apollo features outstanding bill recognition, advanced counterfeit detection and detailed reporting functions to help your business stay on top of all high-volume cash handling needs.

The Apollo’s modes include:

• Mix mode: Use MIX to quickly count a stack of mixed denominations.

• Sort mode: Use SORT to count and sort bills by one denomination.

• Face mode: Sort bills face up or face down.

• Ort mode: Orient all bills in the same direction.

• Strap by number: Build bands or straps of bills for tellers, cashiers and vault. Zeus offers both pre-set and custom strap amounts: 100-50-25-20-10 presets, 1-100 adjustable.

• Strap by amount: Eliminate hand sorting and counting for large customer withdrawals. Input the desired amount the customer wants, then count. Zeus automatically stops when it reaches the amount.

• Strap by denomination: Set tills and drawers easily! Input count of each denomination needed. Zeus counts the specified number per denomination and sends all other bills to the reject pocket.

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